cartridge heaters

Superior reliable durability, responding to user’s
demand. Very professional cartridge heaters.


The HAKKO’s cartridge heaters “ultra five” has gotten an greatest reliance on the durability from its users.
The long stable working time is especially achieved for a metallic mold and a hot plate,
where trouble free is required

High efficiency

The high precision heaters born through many years of research, development and the actual achievement. The total heat generated by the exothermic line is conveyed to a thing to be heated without a few loss.


It is a longer-life compared with an conventional type, since a high nickel
alloy for an exothermic line and the own developed original heat-resistant insulation magnesia are used.


A stainless steel pipe (SUS304) is used for a sheath part which is
durable designed structure for mechanical vibration and a shock, and is qualified through the duarbility test.

Electrical characteristics

Excellent electric insulation and the stable insulating ability in high temperature.


Also at the time of multinumber use, it can wire smoothly and compactly.

Various kinds

In addition to mill size and inch size series, “for water use” is lined up. It complies with various customers requirements.



Since the sheath of a cartridge heater is just to contact a heated thing directly, it needs to be easy to get used and be strong as well as its heat conductivity. And easy processability is also important. SUS304 is used for the sheath material as the standard specification of “Ultra V”. For a special use requirement, INCOROY, TITANIUM and etc. are also applicable.


An exothermic line is winded around a core and, which is installed in the center of a cartridge heater. As the core material, a magnesia ceramics calcinated of magnesia with high precision is used.

●Insulation sealing material

The exothermic line is separated from the sheath with the insulator. The magnesium oxide (MgO, magnesia) is used as insulator of Ultra V,which is excellent in an electrical insulation character at the time of high temperature, and also superior in thermal conductivity. High insulating ability is proven over a long period of time.

●Exothermic line

An exothermic line can be called life of a cartridge heater. The high
quality of nickel alloy is used for this exothermic line of Ultra V,
which is produced in high density sealing with insulation material
and in winding a high nickel alloy wire of high purity with high processing
accuracy, which is few variation in resistance or diameter.

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